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Vanilla - Information Profile on CD ROM 
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1.Vanilla Cultivation  2. Vanillin  3. Markets : on  CD ROMs

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Part 1:Vanilla Cultivation Information on CD ROM:

General Information & Introduction: Introduction to Vanilla Cultivation, Botanical   Names, Market, Export Grades & Standards, 
List of Cultivators : Associations, Consultants & Companies with contact  Addresses in India & abroad to continue gathering more information.
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Vanilla & its Utilizations
Vanilla Cultivation in India : Economics, Technical & Authenticity Aspects discussed
Commercial Viability: About various problems faced by farmers, prices, Competition from synthetic materials & aspects
Attraction of  Vanilla Cultivation : Various uses and world scenario discussed.
Quality Aspects: Technical Aspects of Quality of Vanilla, Importance, Valuation & Inspection discussed in the presentation
Bio Processing of Vanillin : A research paper on  design and scale-up of an industrial biotechnological process for the transformation of agricultural by-products into high added value natural vanillin
Cultivation Pictures : To see & understand
Orchids Guide : A Comprehensive General Guide to Orchids Culture Techniques
Propagation of Vanilla : A research Study A simple and efficient micro propagation protocol was developed for Vanilla planifolia using shoot tip and nodal segments as explants.
Monograph : on Vanilla in Pharmaceutical Journal
Vanilla Cultivation  Details: Climate, soil, preparation of land, propagation, planting & after care, manuring, plant protection, flowering & pollination, fusarium wilt, rots & bugs, harvesting, curing, Vanillism explained in brief.
Details of Cultivation Practiced in India
Global Cultivation Scenario : Presentation on  various parameters in cultivation that enhances value addition in different parts of the world.
Composition of Vanilla beans: Details of Composition of Vanilla Beans from different parts of the world explained.
Curing : Scientific & Technical explanation of what happens while vanilla is being cured discussed
Curing Process for Value addition : Technical presentation on how curing process is to be to obtain higher value for the Vanilla Beans
Organic Cultivation: Explained with pictures & Photographs to stress value addition possibilities
Cultivation in Uganda & Madagascar : Comparison of economics of Cultivation of Vanilla in different countries.
Cultivation in Madagascar : Role of Vanilla Cultivation among other crops in  Madagascar discussed at length.
Cultivation in Mexico : Long Tradition & Practices explained.
Cultivation in Indonesia : Production, Prices completions explored.

Part 2: Vanillin Information Profile  on  CD ROM                                           TOP ^

Vanillin Project: Vanillin Project Profile with rough cost estimates & status in India
Vanillin in Ice-cream : Selection criteria for a signature profile discussed with potential markets
Technology Offer : Development of a process package for the manufacturing of vanillin and ethyl vanillin.
Technology Sources: More Sources of Technology identified
Bioconversion : Presentation on bio conversion of Vanillin
Vanillin in Discussions in Groups
Bio Synthesis of Vanillin : Different approaches to extraction of vanillin discussed
Vanillin from Biotech: Bio technology approach to produce vanillin explained
Identification : Organic synthesis & Infrared identification of Vanillin
Structure of Vanillin : Presentation
Microbial Synthesis : Presentation on microbial Synthesis of Vanillin & related compounds
Understanding Vanillin : Presentation on Chemistry & Physics of Vanillin

Part 3:Market & Trade Information on  CD ROM                 TOP ^

World Trade in Vanilla 2003 :Performance of Major exporting countries, prices, five year data, vanilla consuming sectors discussed in ten pages
More on Global Trade in Vanilla :Supply & Demand analyzed comparing prices in the market & cost of cultivation, curing & supplying in producing countries  in ten pages.
Export Digest - Focus Vanilla : Sample News Letter on number of commodities
Exporter of  Vanilla in Uganda : Company brochure of an exporter of Organics.
Biotechnology and Food Security - Challenge of Bio Vanilla to present suppliers
Vanilla International Market : Demand fluctuation causes difficulties to Farmers
How to Patent Your Invention :General presentation about Patent Process
Top ten vanilla importing countries : Market share for  Indian products discused
Vanilla Story Presentation with pictures :Presentation covers from cultivation to marketing all aspects of global vanilla trade.
Vanilla Authenticity & Quality : Detailed Technical presentation on quality aspects 
Extraction of Flavor from Vanilla Beans : Mathematical Analysis of extraction done
Vanilla in Fragrances : Properties  of Vanilla & usage in Fragrances explained
Phytochemical Genomics : New approaches for gene discovery in the flavor and pharmaceutical industries - Technical Paper
Neotame and Flavor Enhancement : Chewing Gum application
The next generation of sweeteners : Source for more information
Safe movement of Vanilla Germplasm : Get to know virus causing diseases in vanilla
Development of hair-like placental trichomes in Vanilla planifolia and their role in the biosynthesis of vanillin : Picture ~ slide presentation
Conservation of Wild Vanilla : some views
Vanilla Protein Powder - Fact Sheet of composition
Natural Vanilla in America and Flavor Chemistry : Extensive Information on Vanilla in many of the popular consumer products sold in USA
Search Web Sites : Search for Vanilla, you get 4350 000 records
Search Directories on Vanilla : 5000 records are there.
Search Groups : 5000 000 recorded views
Search & Read News : Vanilla is always in the News.                                   TOP ^

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Price & Payment Information
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