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Turmeric (Curcuma longa) 
& its Products - Information Profile on CD ROM 

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About  Turmeric
Turmeric  is a rhizome  with commercial value due to  its properties as a Colorant, Flavoring and Nutraceutical .Contains zingiberene, ar-turmerone, ar-curcumene, sabinene, 1,8-cineol, pinene and beta-sesquiphellandrene. There are many American, Japanese & world patents on Turmeric pertaining to clinical &  culinary uses. 
There are two types of turmeric produced in central India. One has solid and dark color
and the other long, soft and light color. In ayurvedic system of medicine, therapeutical value of turmeric has been well recognized. 

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Medicinal Properties
Anti Cancer Alzheimer AntiHiv Antioxidants
pharmacological Phytomedicine Herbclip Galectin
Healing Properties Diabetes Oral Administration of Turmeric
Hypocholestrolemic Medicinal Values Human Immunodeficiency
Inflam-Ease Nature Cure Phytonutrients from Turmeric
Processing of Turmeric
The process followed: Washing, Boiling, Blanching ,Cooking, Drying, Polishing, Coloring, Grading, Packing and Storage. Turmeric Oleoresin: Turmeric oleoresin is the organic extract of turmeric, a ground powder from the root of the Curcuma plant, and is added to food items as a spice and coloring agent. Supercritical CO2 extraction and molecular distillation-to extract and separate turmeric is the latest high technology process followed to get quality product.
Processing Details Cultivation & Processing Products, Tests & Identity
Composition Turmeric Oil Varieties & Processing Patents List
Quality Standards

Quality depends on the pigment (curcumin) content, the organoleptic character, the general appearance, size and physical form of the rhizome.

Food Chemicals Codex Other Properties
Determination of Curcumin in Turmeric Photo Stability
US Government Standards and the American Spice Trade Association Standards:

Moisture content % <9 

Curcumin % 5-6.6

Volatile oil ml/100g <3.5

Mould % <3

Extraneous matter % (by weight) <0.5

Status of Industry 
India, Bangladesh, Taiwan and China are the countries producing Turmeric.
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In India  Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, West Bengal and Assam are Turmeric growing states. 
The major producing centres in Tamil Nadu are Coimbatore, Dharmapuri, Salem( Athur, Omaloor and Tiruchengodu) Erode (Bhavani, Gopichettipalayam, Sathyamangalam and Kodumudi), Namakkal and Villupuram. 
India  has 185.32 lakh hectares under turmeric with a total production of 701.66 lakh tonnes. India exported  21,265.29 tonnes of dry turmeric (Rs 42.10 crore) and 13,734.71 tonnes of turmeric powder (Rs 42.52 crores) taking the total to Rs 84.63 crores during 2001/2
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