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TAXOL Story on cd rom

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Hazelnuts contains Taxol Consumer Medicine Information of Taxol (Paclitaxel)
Plant Cell Culture Technology
- how taxol was developed.
Taxol Injection (Patient Information too)
Taxus wallichiana - Himalayan Yew TAXOL (paclitaxel) Injection is a clear colorless to slightly yellow viscous solution.
Deriving Taxol from Taxus Needles Anti Cancer Drugs
Yew Tree Fungus Makes Taxol AntiNeoPlasticagents
Growing Market and More 
Producers for Yew’s Paclitaxel
Taxol is one of the newer chemotherapy drugs
Development of Taxol - 
Technology Transfer
Chemotherapeutic Agents
Birth of a New Drug Cancer Treatment Successes
Toxicity of Yew Leaves: Unsuccessful Suicide attempt Pricing regulations and reimbursement trends
Establishment of Plantation of Yew Trees (Taxus Mairei) with a High Taxol content Female Cancers - Optimizing Market Opportunities
Virtual conference Insight into reimbursement
Reformulation represents a viable option to maintain market leadership for key drugs. How Brand Brand--Name Drug Companies Prevailed Over Consumers in Washington
Plants Used In Cancer Treatment Bristol-Myers Squibb Legal Issues
Taxol: A Compound of Hope Compensating all Consumers
Separation of Paclitaxel® and Related Taxane Alkaloids Current Therapy 
of Meta static Breast Cancer
Effects of Fluorine-Substitution on Biological Properties of Molecules FDA approvals in ovarian, breast, lung cancer and Kaposis sarcoma
Kinetics of Taxol Production Drug Interaction
Doing Business with Research Tools Taxol & Prostate Cancer
Taxol Directory Information Delivery of Taxol to Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells
Commercialization of Indigenous Knowledge and Benefit Sharing Securities & Exchange Commission on British-Myers
Sample News Letter - Prices This Settlement Agreement
Medicinal plants and their uses  Settlement for Texas Consumers
Non wood forest Products report Drugs Companies & obscene profits
Exotic Crop Opportunities in Australia Cancer Drug Maker Sued for Keeping Generic Version Off Market
Cultivation, Processing & Trade in 
Herbal Products in the Balkans.
BMS Control Of Billion-Dollar Taxol Market Facing Court Challenges By Competitors

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