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Tamarind Products: your Questions ? we can find Answers !

what is it ? and why it is so important ?
what is the Botanical name & Family of Tamarind ?
How it is called in various regions of the world?
What are the different products made out of Tamarind
And Harmonized Codes ?
Give the composition of tamarind products
what products are used in food industry
how useful it is in medicinal/food supplements
what are the industrial uses
which is the famous branded sauce in which Indian tamarind is used ?
what is known about Indian Patent on this subject ?
And from other parts of the world ??
what are the quality parameters ?
how are the different concentrates processed ?
project profile on paste
project profile on powder
Technology for juice concentrates is available ? Details please !
Similarly, let us know about powder too !
Is Malabar Tamarind same as Tamarind Indica ?
Name & contact details of exporters of these products please?
Include web sites, email ids.
what are the Prices of products made out of these products ?
How do we find importers, retailers, distributors for these products in the world market ?
what are the Names and contact information of Organizations providing consultancy on the subject ??
How do we promote marketing of these products on the Internet ?
Are there publications such as books, research reports, News Letters journals, Market research data on the subject ??

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