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    Primary Information Services 

for Small Industry, Service Enterprises & Business Entrepreneurs




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Information Services:
Getting Specific Information
We Provide Trade & Technology Information either from our  databases or let you know where to get it !
Email us what you want & We Email you how much it costs.
We Email you the required information after we get paid. Information can also be sent by Fax, Hard Copy, Floppies  as per  your need at cost.
Please see Frequently Asked Questions to have an idea about questions that can be answered by us under this services

What Industry to Start ?
Every Entrepreneur has to take the decision of project selection.
What specific product to manufacture or what kind of Service activity will best suit the entrepreneur, what are the information that he needs to know, what Business Ventures are attractive are some of the ideas  that we can provide. Email us what exactly you like to know, we shall let you know fee payable to get this service

 PRISE  Gateway to Service Enterprises Ideas ! This for those who want to offer Services and here they get hundreds of Ideas choose           Resume Net for the Unemployed too.

Business Promotion Services Package:

1.Design & host Digital Sales Brochure 2.Insert    advertisements .
3Email digital brochure  specifically targeted clients
4.Watch Trade leads of interest on the internet and bring them to the notice to the clients.
5.Identify Web sites of Buyers and proactively inform about our clients business.
6. Bring to the notice of clients all kinds of Market Research data
which may include prices, competitors ,Reports, News ,Technology etc which are freely available on the Internet. Wherever there are specific fees involved in such items mentioned above, it is up to the client to buy it or leave it.
7.We shall try to answer to the best of our abilities on all kinds of information related to client subscribers business periodically. Subscribe today !
For Terms/fees of this service click here

Articles Alert Services Read  articles of Value to Entrepreneurs on various topics. Top Ten articles are continuously presented here. 

We help you to find Buyers for your products, services and create business opportunities. To know how to generate trade enquiries using the Internet, click here for details !

Information Profiles:
of Your Choice :
  Information Profiles similar to the samples shown in this web site. You can ask for your choice of Information Profile for the specific small industry, service sector or business activity.
The Profile will include reference of  about 100 web sites. Wherever possible we would provide  contact details such as addresses, email ids, phone & fax no etc Email us your requirement and we shall send you fee payable. .

The Information Profiles:
Apparel Industry / Bakery Industry
Coconut Products /Foundry/Franchising /Finding Finances /Food Processing  /  Food Products
Grains /
Granite Stone Industry/Holograms / Herbal Products/Leather & Products /
Mineral Water /Mica & Products /
 Neem & Products

These are for illustrating the availability of depth of information on the subject and Entrepreneurs are welcome to email us for their subjects of interest.

It is time that you have an In House Information Centre at your place and able to manage your information needs.
Trade and Technology  Information is vital and the way that it is acquired, stored,  retrieved and distributed is critical to all organizations. We have the experience to provide you
unbelievably low cost solutions and our consultancy can include  IT selection, Training implementation, user needs surveys, business information and on-line sources. Email us today. Click here to see more..

Email News Letters
We can deliver the information of your choice at your desk through emails once you have subscribed !
Specific information  is sent  for Garment industry, foundry, Gem & Jewelry, Leather, Leather goods, granite, Leather Garments, Shoes, Engineering products, Mica processing ,Food Processing, Chemical Industry or any subject of your choice ! To succeed in Export & Domestic Marketing  you have to know how to quickly find hot information on export & import  inquiries  and reach your target market. Please see sample
information on Mineral Water Industry to get an idea and Email us if you are interested in this service.

Digital Sales Brochures:  We design and host your web sites. Have your web site - It is your sales brochure on line for anybody   anywhere to see it at anytime !
Print your web URL & Email id on your letter head & Business Card. Fee Payable

Trade Lead Postings:
Hundreds of web sites allow buy/sell offers to be posted under different categories to enable business to develop. We can post to these sites to help you get trade enquiries.

Email Marketing:
you can send through emails all about your products and services to your potential clients. Send well designed Brochures too.

Other Services: Locating Joint venture Partners Getting Standards & Specifications of any country/product ,competitors information etc

Trade Lead Forwarding Services: We keep emailing you trade leads relevant to you that appear on the internet trade portals regularly once you subscribe
.Fee Payable

Project Guide on Specific Products/Services/Business
Entrepreneur Training to get on to Web Based Business
Market & Industrial Research on the Internet

More Services: Event Promotion Services for Seminars, conferences workshops/training programmers/Product Launch, Resume Services & Career Development. Email us for details 

Primary Information Services , 21 Murugappan St ,SwamyNagar Ext2 , Ullagaram, Chennai - 600091, India.
 Phone: 91 044 22421080  Email :