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for Small Industry , Service Enterprises  & Business Entrepreneurs 

Home Pump Industry

Pumps for Water Supply to
Irrigation & Domestic Needs;
Industrial Pumps for the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceuticals industries, steel works, and numerous refineries, food processing, metal working, biotechnology..

Reciprocating positive displacement pumps, Rotary positive displacement pumps, Centrifugal pumps, power driven Pumps for liquids, power driven, Parts of pumps, Air or vacuum pumps and compressors ,Vacuum pumps
Hand or foot-operated air pumps, Compressors for refrigerating equipment, Air compressors
mounted on a wheel chassis for
towing, Air pumps, air or other gas compressors....


World Trade & Technology Status:
Major Suppliers of these Equipments are USA ,Germany, Japan, Italy , UK ,France and Spain & They export high technology pumps for Industrial applications.
From Developing Countries Exporters are Argentina, Brazil, China, Croatia, India, South Korea, Thailand & Turkey export mainly agricultural & domestic water supply equipments.
Power Consumption of these equipments are while they are operated is the key factor for optimization. Other issues are Safety , maintenance , noise related government regulations
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