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Finding buyers of Garments worldwide
The Book  is meant for manufacturers & covers various ways open  to find the buyers who may be retailers, importers wholesalers designers and on line shops. There is ample inclusion of web site references, email addresses everywhere  making it easy for the reader to follow up and use the internet for finding ,chatting emailing, faxing and doing business faster and cheaper

Information Services for Plastic Products:

Food Packaging Materials Plastic Recycling Projects
Blood Storage Bags FRP Products
Disposable Syringes Laminated Aluminum Foils
Plastic Containers for Medicines HDPE Tarpaulin ,Twins, Ropes
Plastic Tooth Brushes HDPE Pipes ,Sacks, Epoxy
Pouches for milk, Ghee, Oil Plastic Cane , Caps, Utensils
Food Grade Compounds Engineering Plastic Products
Pet Bottles/Containers Plastic Footwear & Parts
Spectacle Frames & Lenses, Plumbing & Pipe Fittings
Environmental Issues Pressure Self Adhesive Tapes


PET Bottles, recycling, plastic footwear
bags, containers, pipes, Melamine dinner-plate sets and kitchen utensils ,plastic components for consumer electronics, telecommunication equipment, and household electrical appliances
Automotive and motor cycle , washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, air cleaners, cooking ranges, microwave ovens, and dehumidifiers  plastic parts Heavy moulds for cycle, auto, & electronic parts, extruded sheets, imitation leather and foam-plastic sheet
Plastic materials in cables and so on .
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Plastics products
Entrepreneurs are welcome to Search Information under these Topics:
All India Plastics Manufacturers 
Association (AIPMA)
Raw Materials & Suppliers
The Plastics Export Promotion Council  The Rubber & Plastics Specialists
PlasticsNet  Plastindia Foundation
Injection Molding Magazine Plasticx Universe
Optical Products Manufacturing 
Plastic Processing Machinery Plastic Processing Machinery 
Cleaner, Safer World  PlasticsLinks 
Recycling  Machinery Suppliers
Foodservice & Packaging Institute, Inc. Polystyrene Packaging Council 
Society of Plastic Engineers  Film & Bag Federation 

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