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Nutraceutical Industry :
concerns with what are called Functional Foods ,natural pharmaceuticals, bioactive chemical compounds that have health promoting, disease preventing or medicinal properties. All therapeutic areas such as anti arthritic, pain killers, cold and cough, sleeping disorders, digestion, prevention of certain cancers, osteoporosis, blood pressure, cholesterol, depression and diabetes have been covered by nutraceuticals
Business Opportunities:
Scope for Minerals, nutrients & vitamins such as Essential minerals and nutrients for liquid meal substitutes, energy boosting shakes, sports beverages and fortified foods will provide the strongest growth opportunities based on consumer preferences to obtain nutritional requirements through normal dietary practices. Expanding applications in fortified and specialty foods and beverages will also drive up global demand for bulk vitamins, especially antioxidants  with proven or widely accepted health benefits.
Herbal extracts & functional food additives such as Compounds indicated for cholesterol and blood pressure reduction (garlic), enhanced physical and mental stimulation (gingko biloba and ginseng), immune system stimulation (echinacea and goldenseal), depression (St. Johnís Wort) and benign prostate problems (saw palmetto) have all good potential.
China, Brazil, India, Pakistan and Taiwan are the leading countries where there is intense trade & Developments are taking place. USA happens to be the biggest market for these products apart from other developed nations.
Issues of Importance:
These products are still not allowed to make therapeutic claims and will have to establish their efficacy and safety like any other health care product. While safety considerations may be
easy to establish , the efficacy part will need multiphase and multi location clinical trials.
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