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Internet Search Reports are prepared on any subject of choice of Entrepreneurs.
You  are welcome to ask for YOUR CHOICE of subject on which you want us to Customize the information profile & write it on CD ROM or send email. The Reports will be supplied in any format such as Hard copy papers in Floppies , in CDs , are sent in Emails.

Illustrative List of market research reports: we can email you as attachment or write it on CD ....

Organic Food Products Market in USA is estimated to be 
20 billion dollars in 2005.Directory Information on importers, Ingredient suppliers, Distributors, WholeSalers , regulatory issues with web sites , email ids covered in forty pages report.
Detailed report of forty pages on Production Plan of Ginseng in Australia discusses various issues for the development & sharing world market.
Procedural Manual for Codex India - 40 pages report
Standards for Food Articles - Definitions & Standards for Quality for all kinds of food items in 1200 pages for India
Codex Organic:70 pages of report covers Guidelines for Production, processing, marketing, Labeling of Organically produced food products. Specific Country Food Laws,   Similar Manuals for UK etc offered
Market Opportunities for Indian Organic Food Products covers status prevailing in India & steps needed to corner sizable world market that is evolving.

Organic products information on Potato, Banana, organic horticulture, Organic Production Development Organizations,
what the consumers think about organic products..

There are about 50,000 firms making cloths for domestic & foreign markets. Apparel exports bring precious foreign exchange the country needs....... Indian women are for Gold Jewellery. But famous diamond merchants are all set to create market for Diamond studded jewellery too...the industry is set to have both domestic and export all about it in Market Survey Reports
 Coffee Industry in Australia, India and many other countries reports are offered Exporting Electronic products, Contraceptives to Japan : Read detailed report on how to enter this market. There are also similar reports available for many other products.
Exporting Building Stones & Tiles to Japan : What are the regulations exporters should know - a report Fashion forecast for apparels 2004 , comprehensive report plus other market survey reports on the subject available
Any other product for choice of your market place ?  How to generate export enquiries using Internet ?

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