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General Information
Mica as raw material, Mining, Muscovite mica (Ruby Muscovite, Green Muscovite) & Phologopite Mica properties, chemical composition, ASTM Standards & sizes, mining, Production in various countries and uses in Automobile Industry Construction ,Plastic Processing ,Paint Industry ,Insulation, Manufacturers of Mica & products
Raw materials, Processing & end uses
Raw materials: sheet mica (block& film, splitting, scraps), ground mica (mica flakes - mining, dry grinding, wet grinding, Micronising) Synthetic Mica
Processed Mica: mica paper, glass bonded mica , Phosphate-bonded mica & built up mica.
End Uses:
Building Materials: flakes, scraps & ground mica find use in Plaster Boards asphalt roofing & other building materials, Paint Industry, Plastics & rubber Processing: fillers
Oil & Gas Industry : drilling mud ,welding electrode mfg ,Insulation for electrical appliances, Decorative applications, Cosmetics, Lubricants, Boiler & Steam Pipe insulation, refractoriness, foundries, agriculture, TV tubes, capacitors, commutators, heaters, Optical end uses etc
Specialty Mica Products & others
Specialty Mica Products: composites, mica papers, Fabricated mica such as washers ,Crimped & corrugated mica from Muscovite mica, heating element core, insulation sheets, electrode in mica capacitors, rolled mica tubes, wrapper mica ,mica discs, strainer cores, silvered mica and mica capacitors ,Mica can be converted to vermiculite by a heat process
World Trade
Annual demand for Mica totals 400 million tones and is worth almost US$150 million. Germany is the key player within the European Union, accounting for almost 40% of all exports. Indian Mica Sheets are most sought after in the world markets. Paint Industry &
Electrical & Electronic Industries are the major consumers of these minerals.
Business Opportunities
Mica Trading ,Processing to specialty products, technology  transfer, Business Promotion on the Internet ,Trade Leads Generation, Patents, Finding Buyers...Importers, dealers, Traders, Manufacturers ,distributors, around the globe in several countries, Market Survey Reports, Company Profiles, Contact information such as web site , email id ,addresses, telephone and Fax numbers, Internet Marketing and Business Promotion Services.
CD ROM  Contains 18.8 MB of Data : About Mica & Products, uses, world Production, consumption by different Industries, directory of mica products companies, Product Specifications, Research findings & other useful information. 

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