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Laser Hair Removal Project Guide
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About the Project
Laser hair removal with the proper machine and an experienced operator is safe and permanent. Several different types of lasers have to be studied.
Choice of wavelength ,Speed and Cost Effectiveness, Optimal coverage rates of various lasers ,Typical costs of various hair removal procedures, Average sizes of typical hair-bearing anatomical areas are to be understood. 
States regulate who can use lasers for various therapeutic procedures. Medical lasers are prescription devices available for sale only to licensed practitioners. You should check with your state medical licensing board to determine who qualifies as a licensed practitioner in your state. All laser devices distributed for both human and animal treatment  are subject to Mandatory Performance Standards.
The light-based hair removal market is booming. And if corporate sales projections are to be believed, there's no bust in sight. A significant segment of the populace seems eager to part with large amounts of discretionary income for hair removal treatments -despite scant proof of long-term efficacy- and physicians are happy to oblige. Hair companies like Coherent Medical (Palo Alto, California) now holds the exclusive worldwide rights to market Palomar's (Lexington, Massachusetts) EpiLaser - handling sales, service and clinical education. Hundreds of Clinics have sprung up all over the world doing brisk business, thanks to Fashion Consciousness & Prosperity.
Equipments & the Process
There are Several equipment suppliers with their claims showing clinical studies to support.
There is wide variation in the cost & performance of these equipments.
Several Laser manufacturers received FDA permission to claim, "permanent reduction," NOT "permanent removal" for their lasers.
The Guide
 The CD ROM contains useful literature with pictures, photographs , e-Books, Video clippings, Contact addresses of equipment suppliers, companies already in the field, Doctors & Consultants , web sites for the entrepreneurs wishing to venture into this field.
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