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Products: Honey, Comb honey, Cut-comb honey, Comb honey in fluid honey, Chunk honey, Crushed honey, Liquid honey, Jellied honey, Crystallized or granulated honey, dried honey,  Special Honey from Particular Location, Creamy honey, beeswax, bee venom,  Royal jelly, Propolis, Pollen 
Major Exporting Countries 

USA, China, Argentina, Canada,  Mexico, Nepal, Vietnam, Hungary, Spain, Turkey.

Major Importing Countries: 
Saudi Arabia, Germany, Belgium, Korean Republic, Japan, Philippines, UAE, UK, USA, France , Yemen 
World Market: 
Products that help honey usage: high-energy foods and drinks, coffee, and tea where honey is used as a sweetener. Honey buyers may be exporters, packers, retailers, wholesalers, or others.
Exporters from countries such as Argentina, China, Vietnam, and India are very aggressive and offer highly competitive prices & terms.
Quality Aspect: HACCP and ISO certified, Organic Honey
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