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Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in the  field of Holograms

Basic Principles
How holograms are different from Photographs-what is laser- hologram films-The process of preparing holograms-Embossed holograms- 2D,3D holograms-Stereogram -silver halide film Dichromate hologram-Photo-polymer-Transmission holograms -Reflection holograms -full color holography -manufacturing process-Origination ,Mastering ,Hologram Production Equipments -patents related to Holograms -hologram technology-designing, specifying, purchasing and applying holographic products to print or packaging .
Business Opportunities
The latest technology applications, business developments, commercial opportunities and corporate changes in this specialist field- Many uses-corporate display ,textile, Card and ID authentication ,document security, flexible packaging , rigid or boxboard packaging, pack decoration ,labeling  ,printed brochures & promotional materials, Letter Heads ,Business Cards , Credit Cards, Documents security, Brand Protection ,Ornamental & jewelry ,Gifts ,Name Plates, Checques ,Anti Counterfeiting, practical prevention and enforcement support for police and customs authorities, anti counterfeiting for the pharmaceutical industry ,Graphic Decorative Stationery ,Portraits.
Artwork Preparation System, Printers, High resolution camera for converting transparencies to High Resolution Plates for holographic mastering, The manufacture of photo resist plates for holographic mastering, Embossing machineries, Electroforming Systems ,Lamination Machine, Origination Laboratory, Hot stamping foils & Laminates, high index refractive coating materials, Self adhesive film labels, wet glue film labels, Holographic paper, Molded holograms ,photopolymer monochrome & color, silver halide, Technology Transfer Opportunities ,Consultants, Equipment suppliers, Industry Associations , Standards & Specifications , Catalogues & Prices.

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