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Franchising is a marketing method that can be used in almost any industry.
Globalization is  an opportunity for the Indian small industry to modernize their technology
and take up either sub-contracting or franchising for the popular branded products.
The Indian large industry  will be forced to follow suit. According to Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary, a franchise is permission granted by a manufacturer to a distributor or retailer to sell his/her products and the territory to which such permission extends. The legal definition expands this meaning -- a franchise may also extend the right to use a predetermined method for marketing products or services through outlets that use a known name or trademark. The International Franchise Association, the major trade association in franchising, defines franchise as a "continuing relationship in which the franchisor provides a licensed privilege to do business, plus assistance in organizing, training, merchandising and management in
return for a consideration from the franchise."


Sources of Information: Illustrative List
Mainly Consultants and US based Organizations and web sites: Some samples are here !
Consultants , International master franchising
food  industry
health care
car rentals
Type of Information: Illustrative List
All about Franchising, Legal issues,  Opportunities, Buying & Selling Franchises,
Opportunities in India, International franchising
and related matters, model agreements, Product Franchise, Manufacturing franchises, Business opportunity ventures, Business format franchising, information for expanding your current business through franchising, information about master franchise programs or international master franchising etc Business Promotion Services

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