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 Primary Information Services

for Small Industry , Service Enterprises & Business Entrepreneurs

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Type of Information: Illustrative List
Commercial Information, Buyers, subcontractors, Importers, Magazines, Online
Buying & Selling organizations, trade leads etc
Technology information, Computer-Aided Casting ,Casting Process Selection ,Pattern-Making, CAD/CAM  for Small and Medium Foundries,
Computer-Aided Design of Tooling for Casting Process, Melting of cast irons,
aluminum, copper, magnesium zinc and their alloys.
Specifications of common foundry alloys. Molding methods and materials,
sand-clay-water systems. Additives in the molding sands.
Casting defects related to mould and core materials. Decarburization of pig iron
Modernization of coke based cupola for foundries and so on
Regulatory Information related to Energy & Environment aspects, taxes duties,
modernization schemes of Governments

The Institute of Indian Foundry men, Equipment & Material suppliers, Technologists,
Consultants, Tata Energy Research Institute, National Institute of Foundry and
Forge Technology, Ranchi
Metallurgical Engineering Division Council(MTDC) of Bureau of Indian Standards, Associations and a sample of many web sites of organizations:
The American Foundry Society
Cast Metals Institute
Investment Casting Institute

Business Promotion Services: Market your Castings world over using the Internet. It is easy inexpensive and everyone is doing it !

Foundry Industry Guide
 Global Markets & Technology Issues Present & Future on CD ROM
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Primary Information Services
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