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Coir Products:

Retted Fiber, Bristle Fiber,  Unfretted Fiber, Beach Creel Mats, Vycome Creel Mats, Power Loom Creel Mats, Fiber Mats, Rod Mats, Carnatic Mats, Corridor Mats, Sinnet Mats, Loop Mats, Mesh Mats, Gymnasia Mats, Rope Mats, Matting Mats, Coir Matting Rugs, Erosion Control Blanket, Mesh Matting, Coco Logs, Plant Basket, Coco Poles, Plant Pots, Export Hanks, Bobbins, Coir Matting, Basket Weave, Four Treadle Weave, Ribbed Matting, Multi-Shaft Matting, Cricket Pitch Matting, Non Woven Carpets
PVC Tufted Carpets, Molded Mats, peat Products, Organic Manure, Needled Felt, Curled Coir, Hand Knotted Netting, Coir Fender, Coir Braid, Coir Bag, Bare Mattress, Coir Ropes, Coir Brushes etc

World Trade
About 5000 million Dollars worth of Coir & Products are traded in the world markets.
Germany, USA, UK, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, Hong Kong, Spain, France, Belgium and Canada are the Major Importers.
Coir Mats, Matting & Yarn are products in great demand.
Major Coir Producing countries are Indonesia, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea & Brazil
Coir products face tough competition from other natural fibers and synthetic products. Innovative, value added products are needed in order to maintain a competitive edge. Eco-friendly production and Eco Labeling, could enhance the market . Coir Products such as coir geotextiles, which are used for erosion control, could benefit from increased publicity and improved technical after-sales service and international outreach.
Contents of CD ROM
Information Profile containing Technology of extraction, Processing, Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing. Manufacture of products in demand, Sources of technology, Machinery, Importers of products, Consultants & Institutions on CD ROM available. ORDER YOUR CD NOW

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